Life Support
Vol. 1

Enduring It

The 1st book of the 3-part series LIFE SUPPORT and reading/activity tool for life coaching sessions.

Life Support is deeply inspiring, thought provoking, and therapeutic. This sensational 3-part series helps readers recognize personal issues, identify root causes, and implement a plan to rebuild broken areas of your life. Life Support depicts the details of Murrell's downward-spiraling path of self-destruction.


She survived abandonment, molestation, rape, homelessness, divorce, attempted suicide, loss and many more challenges. She struggled against countless reasons to pull the plug on life, but she possesses an undying spirit. She refused to lose hope in God's destiny for her life. Instead of disconnecting, Murrell's debut book revisits vulnerable places in effort to empower others to start rebuilding.

Life Support
Vol. 2

Survivng It

Rehab is the second book of a three-part series titled “Life Support.” After Surviving Life’s Worse Challenges, Murrell’s triumphant comeback story is awe-inspiring, motivational and captivating. Each edition of “Life Support” progressively takes readers beneath the surface of personal pains to help individuals regain a sense of ownership in life. Murrell’s Step-by-step process starts with acknowledging your issues, identifying root causes, and implementing plan to rebuild broken areas of life.

Journey with the author as she explains her relapses on her rough road to Rehab. Rehab reveals how she beat the odds by fighting, crawling, and clawing to get back to a place of self-identity and winning in life.

Life Support
Vol. 3



Conquered It

Stay tuned for this finale to the Life Support series. Get ready to witness the jaw-dropping victory of Murrell's story and how she survived and conquered the absolute impossible and turned herself and her life into endless possibilities. #ImPOSSIBLE


Sex Addiction

Imagine your mind being blown “literally” not because of how amazing the sex is, but because of how disgusting and appalling it is.  Experience the spicy, jaw-dropping world of sexual encounters in this compelling story of how the author, Jacquie Murrell set out on a sexpedition to sever the ties that bound her to those who forced themselves into her completely.  She takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows of ecstasy, anger, sorrow, disbelief, and more.


I Survived Suicide

This unbelievably awe-inspiring compilation shares the deepest, darkest thoughts and moments leading to each author's suicide attempts. I Survived Suicide takes readers into the very moment the act of suicide was committed, and allows them to experience the author's mindset and emotions in addition to their journey of surviving the attempt, healing, and liberation of the factors that pushed them into ending it all. I Survived Suicide also gives a glimpse into how life's struggles can consume an individual's very existence to the point where suicide prevails.



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