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Enduring It

The 1st book of the 3-part series LIFE SUPPORT and reading/activity tool for life coaching sessions.

Life Support is deeply inspiring, thought provoking, and therapeutic. This sensational 3-part series helps readers recognize personal issues, identify root causes, and implement a plan to rebuild broken areas of your life. Life Support depicts the details of Murrell's downward-spiraling path of self-destruction.


She survived abandonment, molestation, rape, homelessness, divorce, attempted suicide, loss and many more challenges. She struggled against countless reasons to pull the plug on life, but she possesses an undying spirit. She refused to lose hope in God's destiny for her life. Instead of disconnecting, Murrell's debut book revisits vulnerable places in effort to empower others to start rebuilding.

This book is no longer available. Please standby for the revamped version coming Fall 2022!