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It is our goal to show others how to bounce back from life's lowest points and ensure we provide services that will encourage, empower, educate, support, and help every individual that participates in the program so they are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to overcome every obstacle and succeed in every area of life.


Lady J's unique approach by using an out-of-the-box coaching and mentoring model to help youth and adults address life and business issues to put them on the path to success. While teaching others how to start, grow, and fix business, she also shares real life challenges and tips on how to utilize them to build a strong foundation to withstand any hardship. She teaches everything business from A to Z through her Business Bangers Help Shops.


Additionally, Lady J provides her published literature to further assist, motivate, and empower others along with speaking at personal and professional events. Even if you don't sign up for a business coaching session or help shop, you can still book Lady J to speak at your event, school, or program.


Lady J is a Dynamic Speaker

She is the definition of what it means to "bounce back" after multiple traumas and overcoming life's hardships that seem impossible. She has overcome many challenges in business and has spent many years learning how to gain access to spaces, places, and information that small businesses don't readily have access to in order to help them grow and succeed with relationship building as her foundational tool. Her education and life experiences have given her a powerful and unique set of tools to help others conquer the impossible in life and business. Each time she speaks, you can expect a LIVE demonstration and definitely some interaction!

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Business Bangers Services & Programs

Business Bangers is a division of Life Support Company LLC and offers a host of business services for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This division helps business owners become successful as she did....teaching others how to make the impossible, possible through Business Help Shops, Consultations, Training, and providing Professional Services. Lady J and her team make it a point to help entrepreneurs leap into success. Check out the youthpreneur program that offers business help shops for youth and helps them start their business.

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