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E.G.O. Entertaiment

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About & Services

E.G.O. Entertainment is a multimedia production and service company established in 2017, comprised of three divisions, JQLM RADIO, E.G.O. MAGAZINE, and EGO TV. This company not only provides music, talk shows, and other entertainment with the highest levels of listener satisfaction in mind when it comes to radio, but also provides support, advertising (radio, magazine, and television), and other opportunities to help grow businesses and brands all over the world.


The company is known for its stellar service in providing pre-event promotional interviews, red carpet & event coordination, and Live media coverage. The company has covered and interviewed some of the nation’s largest events and celebrities that include but are not limited to, Sheryl Underwood, Marvin Sapp, Michael Colyar, The Oscars, Claudia Jordan, Brian White, Patty Spitler, Mr. Talkbox, and many more. The company has coordinated red carpet events for brands like DP Demarco Plays and the Gospel Choice Music Awards. It has had the honor of providing these services to community events as well, as its motto is “Everyone is a Star!” It seeks to continue to be a platform that builds relationships with other brands and individuals that strengthen its ability to provide access to spaces and resources most individuals only dream of to help build communities, brands, and spread messages everywhere.

E.G.O. Entertainment Network also provides Entertainment Management services to artists and actors.  For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, news, entertainment, and more, subscribe to today!